Sunday, January 29, 2012

We found a house

Here is our new house! We move in on Wednesday when our stuff will be delivered there. I cannot wait to settle in and make it our own. It has 5 large bedrooms and 2 large bathrooms, a backyard, garage, a river with a small water fall in front of the house and a lake at the bottom of the road. We live in Biersdorf Am See, Germany. (Translated to The Beer Village by the Lake.) From what I understood from the Landlord there will be a terrace built on top of the garage this summer. 

Do you see those white things covering up the top half of the bottom two windows? Those are roladens and built into the house. They are metal 'curtains' that are on the outside of the window. Nearly every house has them. 

Here is the pretty waterfall across from the house. Its right across the street. The kids cannot get into it, nor fall in it because there is too much foliage. 

I will post more pictures this week. It took 20 minutes just to upload these two pictures. 

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