Thursday, April 28, 2011

Box Tops!

Just because the school year is almost over doesn't mean that Kylee doesn't want your box tops. Please keep clipping them throughout the summer. Around September or October Kylee's school runs a contest to see which class can bring in the most Box Tops. I'm hoping her class will win next year with the help of our family

Thanks Mom and Jackie for sending in y'alls box tops! It was A LOT of them. I should have saved them  until next fall for the contest but I decided just to let Kylee take them in... even if they won't get turned in until the Fall.

Want to start clipping but not sure what Box Tops for Education is? Look here.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


April 15th

HWY 83 from base to town.

April 27

Bridge over Moose River in town
Not sure what average is, but its never this high. 

There is a lot of road damage around our area. The roads on base are also bulging out. After being here this long I've never seen flooding like this before. 

Wyatt's field trip

Wyatt's class took a field trip to Oak Park today. Its a pretty nice park with a great playground. The kids had a blast playing and chasing the geese.

Here is a momma geese sitting on her nest in a BBQ pit

Wyatt and Bryden playing.

Notice the trash next to her. Poor thing. But she was really sweet with all the kids walking up to her.

Wyatt loves to swing.

He would be content all summer long if we had a swing in the backyard. 

A pretty tree

I loved these slides when I was a kid... they are a hit with Wyatt as well.

Wyatt saying 'Peace'

Wyatt and Caleb looking at the geese.

Wyatt's class will be going to the zoo next week as well as Bowling. I'm not sure if I will be able to make it to those field trips, but I hope I can. His last day of school is 11 May. He'll have a couple weeks off before he starts his awesome summer program at Head Start. 

Month Of The Military Child

April is "Month of the Military Child." Every April U.S. military installations around the globe celebrate the military children. Our base always offers specials at the different places around base. The children are able to bowl for free, special activities during kids night at J.R. Rockers (Enlisted club on base). They Officers' Club held a Sunday Brunch to honor the military child. All month long you can enter your child's name for a drawing. At the end of the month the Youth Center holds a block party and awards the prizes to the children who won. This year Kylee won!

She was a top winner.... 
She won....

100 bucks!!!!

She will claim her prize this Friday at the Block party. She is really excited, even though she doesn't realize how much 100 dollars really is. 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Can't get any prouder!

Today (Monday, April 25th) James is receiving two new medals. The first medal is for his tremendously long service in Minot. Its called the Accommodation Medal. The second Medal is for his service in Korea. I wish I remember exactly what it was called but I don't. 

James and I Skyped tonight (my tonight, but his Monday). He was home from work getting in his dress blues before the ceremony. Usually I would have taken a picture of him before hand, but since I am not there I took a screen shot of the computer. Look at all those ribbons on his chest!

A little over two months left and James will be home for about a month!! 

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! We hope you all had a wonderful Easter. Even though James wasn't here to celebrate, I think the kids had a pretty good Easter this year. 

Kylee and Wyatt are ready to go out hunting for Easter Eggs. These are their new bags from MawMaw and PawPaw, but they also doubled as Easter baskets to collect the eggs.

The Easter bunny hid the colored eggs we did the other day, as well as special eggs for each of them. The special eggs had candy and money in them. Wyatt got Spiderman eggs...

And Kylee got Hello Kitty eggs. She was great at helping Wyatt find eggs. The two of them usually get along pretty well.

Kylee is showing off her egg she found. This happens to be one that she dyed the other day.

Wyatt and his lady bugs. He loves these little critters. Last year he enjoyed stepping on them, this year he enjoys picking them up and keeping them. I had to buy a bug house for each of them to collect their bugs. Kylee won't touch a bug, but she still likes looking at them. Wyatt on the other hand needs to learn how to be gentle with them. I'm surprised he didn't squish this one. But if you look closely at his index finger I think you can see some lady bug poop ;) At least that is what Wyatt calls it.

The three of us on Easter. We had a little cookout and another Easter egg hunt with some friends. The kids had a great time and surprisingly played very well together. I love this picture of the three of us, I just wish James was in it too.

Little Miss Kylee. Boy is she growing up fast!

Another lady bug. These things are everywhere! I think we currently have about 8 of them in our bug house. I should probably let them go before we have a bunch of dead lady bugs.

We le the kids decorate their own cupcakes tonight as well. They really enjoyed this, but haven't enjoyed eating them yet. I think licking the spoons a few too many times gave them enough sugar for now.

Wyatt really stacked those gummy bears up! It looks to be a mess, but it is his masterpiece. 

Here is Wyatt's finished cupcake. Would you want to eat this? lol

Here is Kylee's finished cupcake... which she gave to me. I do not plan on eating it. I think I'll get sick. I did save both of their cupcakes in case they ask for them tomorrow. The last thing I want is for the two of them to throw a fit because I tossed out their 'favorite cupcakes'. 

Easter is nothing like I remember as a kid. I loved going to Grandma's and Grandpa's for Easter. Next to Christmas, it is probably one of the best memories I have over at their house. I remember looking for eggs with my brothers and cousins... always dressed up in a frilly dress. I also remember our dog, Lady, taking the eggs the Easter bunny hid and burying them. And, of course, I also remember seeing my dad hiding eggs one Easter morning because he forgot to do this. I know one day I'll do something similar... 

I like to carry on traditions, but Easter is just such a simple holiday here. It usually only lasts a whole twenty minutes; however long it takes to get through the baskets and egg hunt. This year though it seemed to last all day, which I really enjoyed. 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I've moved... again

Yes I know. I moved... again. But I was having so many problems on the other site. It was becoming difficult to post, for you guys to leave comments, and things were disappearing. Plus, I had to pay for it.

So I'm over here now. And I won't move again, I promise.

Welcome to All Our Yesterdays.