Friday, January 20, 2012

Good Bye Minot....

Hello Baltimore???

Yes, we are stuck in Baltimore for a few days.

Because it was -35 in Minot the morning we left and because it took 2 hours for a mechanic to change a light bulb in the cabin of the plane, we missed our flight from Minneapolis to Baltimore and therefore missed our flight from Baltimore to Germany. So, here we are stuck in a hotel room in Baltimore till Saturday evening when the next flight leaves for Ramstein AB, Germany. The kids are doing pretty well being in a hotel room again, but we all are bored. On the bright side, we only have 24 hours left till we can head to the airport again :D

Here are some pictures from the flights so far...

Kylee and I on the plane in Minot, waiting to take off (which was an hour wait)

Daddy and Wyatt waiting as well. 

Finally taking off! Bye Minot. :(

Somewhere over North Dakota. 

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