Monday, January 30, 2012


We have been so busy running around taking care of errands that sometimes we have to eat out. We happened to find the McDonald's close to Bitburg Air Base (the base closest to our home, but not where James is stationed) so we decided to grab a bite. Let me say that European McDonald's are nothing like the ones we are all used to. The ones here are nice... really nice, in fact. They had leather seats, nice tables with lit candles on top, clean atmosphere, and delicious food. The menu was pretty similar to the common foods you will find in the states, but they had a few different things I haven't seen before. Best of all, they have a REAL McCafe. The drinks are made fresh similar to Starbucks and they had a really nice dessert bar. I was pretty impressed that this fast food restaurant was still 'fast', but upscale. 

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