Sunday, January 29, 2012

Germany 101

Every so often I thought I would do a 'Germany 101' post, listing some of the facts and info I've learned or realized. If you have any questions and want me to answer them, comment and I will try to answer next time.

- You cannot warm-up your car. If you are parked for more than three minutes you must turn off your engine.
- A lot of houses around here have solar panels on the roof.
- Bitburger Beer is brewed in a village where Kylee will go to school.

-Most of the streets inside villages are narrow.
-Some village streets really are paved with cobblestones. 

-They have these weird obstacles in the road.

 -These are common in the older villages.

 -They have Aldi's here in Germany. We have one just a short drive from us.

-This means 'exit'. Americans will sometimes pronounce it 'Ass Fart'. I'm sure thats not too far off form the actual pronunciation. 

- I think the food tastes funny here, even the American food at the commissary on base. Sprite tastes disgusting!
- 'Bitte' means 'please' and 'your welcome'.
- 'Guten tag' means 'hello' or 'good day'.
- Traffic lights are not popular around here. Round abouts or traffic circles are everywhere, and I LOVE driving through them.
- People really do go super fast on the Autobahn. We were going 90 mph and people were still zooming past us.
-There are steep hills everywhere.
-It seems to be normal to have a bathroom as soon as you open the front door. European fridges are really small. There are no closets nor pantries in German houses. Kitchens are not built in. If a German moves they usually take the kitchen with them.
- German schools only go half a day.
- We have had one day of partial sunshine since we have been here. Apparently the sun is rarely seen and it rains often. The temperature has been in the 30's here.
-There are 'American' foods at German restaurants, but they taste funny.
- Thankfully, fast food places are not common around this area. We have seen a 'Subway' in the town close to our village.
- In Germany we drive on the same side of the road as we do in the States.

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