Wednesday, January 25, 2012

As Wyatt would say: 'Awkward'

Yesterday was the first time I felt like a tourist. Awkward.

We had just arrived to the house we were going to look at but the landlord wasn't there yet. Kylee, of course, had to use the bathroom. Keep in mind that these villages are NOT a small little town in the states. I could even compare it to Beach City, Ohio. You can't just find a little convenient store in most of these villages to use the bathroom, and I wasn't going to have her squat along the road right in front of our potential house. Up the road there was an illuminated sign that said 'Bitburger' (which is apparently a local beer). It was the only place that seemed to be open to the public so we ventured in. It was a pub or some sort. Several older men where play foosball when we walked in and turned around as soon as they saw the door open. They must not be used to people coming in. Anyhow, they gave us a funny look, I said something about 'toilette' with a funny look on my face, and got another funny look back. Eventually they figured out what I wanted. We must have missed the signs on the door because Kylee ended up using the men's bathroom. Oops.

I realized I should try to remember some of that German I was learning. But really, I get nervous and go blank. And I decided that I wouldn't get mad at people in the states that don't speak English well. Cause I am sure these German's are tired of us American's not knowing their language.

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  1. Lacey, it is a real joy reading about your adventures. You really have a great way of putting everything into words. I'm sure you will begin feeling a little more like a "natural" instead of a tourist before long. Hang in there! Tell us a little bit about the climate there. And are there "American-type" restaurants and stores there? My knowledge is not very impressive on Germany.... Anyway, just wanted to send you some love from your Aunt Carol!