Saturday, December 24, 2011

Short trip to Texas

I took a VERY short trip to Texas in November to see my new nephew, Lyndall. A friend of mine here in North Dakota watched my kids so I could visit home for a long weekend. I had such a great time visiting with everyone, and, I will admit that I really enjoyed the time away from my own kids. It has been a rough few months with them and I needed a break. But, most of all, I enjoyed being able to spend time with my Mom.

I didn't bring my nice camera to Texas with me because I already loaded up my backpack pretty full, but at least I had my iPod to take pictures even if the quality isn't the greatest.

Me and baby Lyndall. He's just the cutest thing EVER! 

Mom and I at Kings Biergarten. Great German food and live music!

We went to the Armand Bayou Nature Center's Harvest Festival with Mom and Grandma, Dad and Kinda, Tracey and Lyndall the kids. Here I am eating some sugar cane. I know my kids would have loved the Festival, but it was nice not having to chase them around :D

Lyndall and Tracey had a nice dinner at their house one night. Actually, it was REALLY good dinner (fajitas). Anyhow, here I am with Lyndall, Lance and my dad. I really like this picture. 

Aunt Laurie and Uncle Don also made it out to Lyndall's. Here is a picture of me with Aunt Laurie. 

And here is one of Lance and Kevin! Kevin came out to meet the family while I was in town. I was so happy to finally meet him. He's a great guy :D 

Mom and I also went to the Nutcracker Market. This is something I could not have done if the kids were with me. We met up with Deb as well. I had my first Mimosa as well. Yummy! 

Mom and I also went to her favorite local coffee shop for a drink. I really enjoyed just sipping a drink and chatting. Its something we never get to do.

I really think I'm going to have to make a trip back to Texas again in the near future, without the kids. I know everyone wants to see the kiddos, but have you seen the ticket prices from Germany to Houston?? Its not too bad for one person, but paying for 4 people will be ridiculous! And I also need that alone time. Its always so hectic when I go back home with the kids. 

The rest of the photos I took where deleted off of my iPod when I reset it. I had to steal these off of Facebook to post on here. 

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  1. We really did have a good time while you were here, didn't we? I loved going out to the coffee shop with you and shopping at the Nutcracker Market. I don't like to shop much any more, but I think if you and I could go together, I'd want to make it a weekly event!

    I definitely plan to make at least one trip to Germany while you guys are there. And it would be so great if you could come home at least once. =)