Sunday, December 18, 2011

New Address

We will still be getting mail here in North Dakota until the beginning of the year, but I still wanted to share our new mailing address. So, take note of it please :D I'll have it saved off to the side of the blog as well.

PSC 9 Box 4502
APO AE 09123-0046

We will also have a stateside phone number at our house thanks to lovely Magic Jack. And I am hoping to get an iPhone when we get there. That will have a German phone number, but I will be able to message back and forth to those in the states with the iPhone/iPod touch. I can also get the Magic Jack app on it so that I can call through our stateside number without using minutes. We should get getting our new MJ phone number once James gets home. I will email the phone number when we know it.

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