Saturday, December 8, 2012

Finally! We have SNOW!

I love snow.
And I miss it. Specifically, I miss Minot's snow. 

I've been waiting ever so patiently to have a good snowfall here, and it finally happened. It is definitely not what we are used to, but it will do. 

The kids loved playing in it.

Lexi loves the snow as well.

We made a snowman :D Though he's not as cool as our famous snowman in Minot. He is still pretty awesome though.

Not only did the kids love the snow, but the adults had a blast in the snowball fight between our neighbors. 

James got hit in the rear with a snowball. We packed those snowballs pretty good so you know this hurt!

Its not the best snowfall accumulation, but it will work. Remember our typical Winters in Minot??

This was our motto back then: 

 (I was a bit famous on base for about a week)


  1. Love these pics, looks like everyone's having so much fun!

    1. Thanks Amber :D It really wore us all out too!

  2. i love the snow photos- looks like so much fun. we dont get it her in southern cal but i use to get lots in seattle!

    1. Thanks Kendra. We had so much fun! I don't know what I would do if we didn't have snow or cold temps in the winter. I'm originally from Texas, so I know what its like, and I know I would miss the real winter weather.

  3. what fun...lucky you!!! my kids are waiting and waiting...and santa is bringing them sleds..
    your photos are great!!

    1. Oh My! I am just now seeing your comment... so sorry. :(

      Funny thing, Santa brought sleds to our kids, too. But guess what? No snow! Ugh. I tell you, I really MISS the snow so much. Weather is calling for snow this weekend, but its always changing around here.