Friday, November 9, 2012

Way to go Kylee and Wyatt

I am SO proud of my kids! They amaze me every day. Today was parent/teacher conferences up at the school. Let me tell you just how awesome my children are:

Kylee is doing excellent in 2nd grade! She is currently reading at a 4th grade reading level! WOW! I am so thrilled with that. This girl LOVES to read, write stories, and of course art work. She is doing fabulous in math as well. Those are the two main subjects they focus on in 2nd grade. Of course there is science and social studies, but that is a smaller unit. She has great behavior as well. The only complain from her teacher (and it really wasn't a complaint) was that she likes to read TOO much. For example, when the teacher is reading out loud to the class Kylee likes to read her own book.

Kylee is a bookworm, what else can I say. And I love it!

Wyatt also had an awesome report for Kindergarten. He knows all of his letters, all of the sounds, site words (words that children are taught to see and know, rather than sound out. example: is, the, like, little). He is also starting to put letters together to form words. AND he can read short stories. :D He's doing excellent in Math. He actually knows addition and subtraction (thanks to Kylee teaching him). I help with his class's literacy centers pretty often. When I sneak in I get a chance to see how Wyatt does in class. He is a very well behaved boy. :D Sure makes this momma happy.

Both kids also have an art class here as well as a German class. In German they learn about customs and holidays, songs, and of course, the language. They recently made lanterns for St. Martin's Day (which I will post about this weekend) and they also know a few German songs for St. Martin's Day.

Kylee is also taking guitar lessons. She's pretty good with it too.

As for James and I, we are still going to school. This Spring should be my last semester for my Bachelors. Then I'll start my Masters next Fall. I also plan on getting a job at the school while I work on my Masters. James recently finished taking a German course through the college here. He is now working on a Speech class and then will have his CCAF: Community College of the Air Force. I really hope he continues school and gets his bachelors. I still have some arm twisting to do on that one though.

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