Thursday, November 8, 2012

Süßes oder Saures!

Süßes oder Saures! Or, as the Americans say, Trick or Treat! The actual translation means 'Sweet or Sour' though. Halloween seems to be an American holiday but Germany has picked it up within the past 10 years. This year for Halloween we went to the base to do some 'trick or treating'. It was extremely busy as you can imagine all the American kids in the area going to one housing area for candy. Our friend said she got about 600 kids that night!

Our first stop was at our neighbor's house. Jess had a little gift bag for the kids. 

Kylee is a vampire. She just had a gothic dress, some eyeliner, and lipstick on. My iphone camera took this picture, making her look like she has more makeup on. 

We had to get them new bags this year for Halloween. The ones Jackie made disappeared in the move. These are cute felt pumpkin bags. 

Wyatt is a Ninja!

This little boy is a fireman, driving his Feuerwehr (fire truck)

These were the coolest costumes! The mom made them all by hand. In this picture they are looking down, so you can see the tops of their hats which were the characters' face. These were just fabulous and must have taken a very long time to make.

After the base trick or treating we went into Bitburg, the larger village close to us. They had 'halloween shopping' that night. But really, it was a pretty awesome festival. Here the Germans are carving their pumpkins. 

Some pretty awesome punch at a shop. Instead of going door to door, the Germans have a festival on the walkplatz (outdoor shopping center). The shops pass out candy to the kids and alcohol to the adults. The Germans know how to do Halloween!

The sign for the festival: Halloween Einkaufsabend- Halloween shopping night

Some scary people pretending to be mannequins. 

Some fun drinks for kids.

This guy was a lot of fun. Sorry for the horrible photo. I did not bring my normal camera and had to use my iPhone camera. 

The kids had a great time celebrating with the Germans. I think we'll be doing it again next year. 

This weekend is another holiday: St. Martin's Day. Stop by on Sunday for a post about that. :D

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