Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Luxembourg: American and Germany Military Cemeteries from WWII

While Kylee was in school one day we took a trip to Luxembourg where there is an American Military Cemetery. This is just 45 minutes away from our house. It is just one of 14 American Military cemeteries on foreign soil. Most of the soldiers buried here died North and East of the city, as well as other parts around the region during the winter of 1944 and the Spring of 1945. 

The cemetery was in the middle of being renovated, so we were not able to visit everything. We plan on going back this summer. 

Luxembourg American Military Cemetery and Memorial.

The memorial of those who gave their lives in the service and those who rest in unknown graves. 

Wyatt placing a white stone on a soldier's grave. See info on Star of David above :D

General Patton's grave

The Germany military cemetery just 1.5 km away from the American Cemetery. The graves are those who died in WWII. Notice the difference between the two cemeteries appearance. 

This explains the reasons for the Germany cemetery and American cemetery being so close to each other. 

Each cross had 4 Germans buried under it. This one says 'Zwie Deutsche Soldaten' which means 'two unknown soldiers'. The other side had two more unknown soldiers. 

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