Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kylee's first T-Ball game and a weekend of Softball

Go Red Sox! Kylee played her first T-ball game on Saturday. Unfortunately it was rained out after the first inning. 

Waiting her turn to bat. 

Lets go Kylee! She hit the ball the first time. She's actually pretty good with hitting off a T. We bought her a nice t-ball set for practicing, but its ALWAYS raining so we haven't used it yet. 

Kylee running to first. 

Kylee waiting to run from third to home. Cloee (her best friend) is the one in pink. She's on Kylee's team, but Cloee had to field for the other team because they didn't have enough players at the start of the game. 

Kylee looks to be the only one with the correct 'ready' pose. Nice Job Kylee!

Its so cute that she knows what she's doing out there... at least she's ready for the ball.

James and I had a softball tournament a couple weekends ago. I had a one-day tournament in Sembach (about 70-80 minutes away from us). We only played two games. It was a lot of sitting and waiting. The tournament was really an 'umpires clinic' to help them learn all the rules. We did pretty well.

See, lots of sitting and waiting. Good times :D

The softball team. We don't have our real uniforms yet, but they are pretty awesome looking. Horrible picture quality by the way, someone else took these photos.

This is me :D Up to bat. I believe I hit a triple on this one 

James' tournament lasted 2 days. He had a intramural tournament on our base. His squadron did pretty well. They ended up playing 8 games and placed 4th or 5th out of 12 or so teams. Its was ridiculously cold, but hey, we are from Minot so we are used to it. Everyone was bundled up in their winter gear and wrapped in a blanket or two. 

Brrrr.... It is cold. 

If someone on James' team strikes out, they have to wear this pink skirt. This is Dan, one of our friends. His wife, Heather, also plays on my team.

James about to get a pretty awesome hit! 


  1. Kylee's ready stance looks great! Does she like playing T ball? I'll bet Wyatt can't wait till he can play!

  2. She loves it Mom. I'm glad she's found something that she enjoys (and that I know how to be 'THAT' mom. Cheerleader mom wasn't my thing). Wyatt can start playing sports after his birthday, and I'm sure he'll be ready to play some indoor football or something *yikes*