Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! We hope you all had a wonderful Easter. Even though James wasn't here to celebrate, I think the kids had a pretty good Easter this year. 

Kylee and Wyatt are ready to go out hunting for Easter Eggs. These are their new bags from MawMaw and PawPaw, but they also doubled as Easter baskets to collect the eggs.

The Easter bunny hid the colored eggs we did the other day, as well as special eggs for each of them. The special eggs had candy and money in them. Wyatt got Spiderman eggs...

And Kylee got Hello Kitty eggs. She was great at helping Wyatt find eggs. The two of them usually get along pretty well.

Kylee is showing off her egg she found. This happens to be one that she dyed the other day.

Wyatt and his lady bugs. He loves these little critters. Last year he enjoyed stepping on them, this year he enjoys picking them up and keeping them. I had to buy a bug house for each of them to collect their bugs. Kylee won't touch a bug, but she still likes looking at them. Wyatt on the other hand needs to learn how to be gentle with them. I'm surprised he didn't squish this one. But if you look closely at his index finger I think you can see some lady bug poop ;) At least that is what Wyatt calls it.

The three of us on Easter. We had a little cookout and another Easter egg hunt with some friends. The kids had a great time and surprisingly played very well together. I love this picture of the three of us, I just wish James was in it too.

Little Miss Kylee. Boy is she growing up fast!

Another lady bug. These things are everywhere! I think we currently have about 8 of them in our bug house. I should probably let them go before we have a bunch of dead lady bugs.

We le the kids decorate their own cupcakes tonight as well. They really enjoyed this, but haven't enjoyed eating them yet. I think licking the spoons a few too many times gave them enough sugar for now.

Wyatt really stacked those gummy bears up! It looks to be a mess, but it is his masterpiece. 

Here is Wyatt's finished cupcake. Would you want to eat this? lol

Here is Kylee's finished cupcake... which she gave to me. I do not plan on eating it. I think I'll get sick. I did save both of their cupcakes in case they ask for them tomorrow. The last thing I want is for the two of them to throw a fit because I tossed out their 'favorite cupcakes'. 

Easter is nothing like I remember as a kid. I loved going to Grandma's and Grandpa's for Easter. Next to Christmas, it is probably one of the best memories I have over at their house. I remember looking for eggs with my brothers and cousins... always dressed up in a frilly dress. I also remember our dog, Lady, taking the eggs the Easter bunny hid and burying them. And, of course, I also remember seeing my dad hiding eggs one Easter morning because he forgot to do this. I know one day I'll do something similar... 

I like to carry on traditions, but Easter is just such a simple holiday here. It usually only lasts a whole twenty minutes; however long it takes to get through the baskets and egg hunt. This year though it seemed to last all day, which I really enjoyed. 

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  1. Love all the pictures! I sure wish I could share these holidays will all of you. Tell the kids that their cupcakes look really yummy!