Sunday, April 24, 2011

Can't get any prouder!

Today (Monday, April 25th) James is receiving two new medals. The first medal is for his tremendously long service in Minot. Its called the Accommodation Medal. The second Medal is for his service in Korea. I wish I remember exactly what it was called but I don't. 

James and I Skyped tonight (my tonight, but his Monday). He was home from work getting in his dress blues before the ceremony. Usually I would have taken a picture of him before hand, but since I am not there I took a screen shot of the computer. Look at all those ribbons on his chest!

A little over two months left and James will be home for about a month!! 


  1. We are very proud of James! And that's a great picture of him. =)

  2. Just read this on April 30. Had no clue till now!! One VERY PROUD sis here!! Way To Go Bro!! Love the pic Lacey!!