Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cologne (Köln), Germany

Friday, a few friends of mine planned on taking a trip up to Cologne (Köln) Germany. Even though two of the girls ended up not going, Andi and I still went. Its a relatively easy drive being less than 2 hours away. However, I still ended up getting a speeding ticket, or should I say will be getting a speeding ticket. They have cameras that take your picture if you are going to fast. I have yet to see one of those, but rarely do I ever speed so I might not notice them. This time, however, the speed limit was changing from 100 kph to 70 kph. Apparently I didn't slow down in time and I saw a HUGE red flash! I was only going 76 kph according to my GPS. I'll get the picture and a ticket in the mail in a couple of weeks. I hope I looked nice for the picture.

Anyhow, James was nice enough to take the day off so I could go without kids. It was a much needed day out and I had a blast with Andi.

For those that do not know, Cologne has one of the coolest Gothic Cathedrals that dates back to the 1200's but finally finished in 1880. During WWII Cologne was destroyed by more than 6 bombs but the Dom (Cathedral) happened to survive with very little damage. It is believe that the reason why the Dom was saved was because it was a navigational landmark by Allied aircraft raiding Germany. The Dom holds the Shrine of the Three Kings which was created in 1190. In 1864 the Shrine was opened and reveled bones and garments believed to be those of the Three Kings. Embedded in the interior of the wall are a pair of tablets on which are carved the provisions worked out by Archbishop Englebert (1262-1267) under which Jews were permitted to reside in Cologne.  The Dom is the most visited landmark in all of Germany.

The Dom is too big to get a picture of the whole thing. The gothic architect was unbelievable. 

This is one of the entry ways into the Dom. The doors are massive, but in the picture they look regular size. 

This is said to be the Three Kings. I didn't know this at the time, otherwise I would have gotten a better picture. 

The view from the very top of the Dom. Andi and I walked all the way to the top. Its a gorgeous view. 

Andi and I after walking up 433 steps up a stone, narrow spiral staircase. 

The 'bridge of love' or the lock bridge. 

I have SO many more pictures, but it takes forever to upload them. For some reason, its quick to add them to Facebook. Here is a link to the album there. I think this should work 

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