Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cinco de Mayo Tournament

Two weekends ago was the Cinco de Mayo softball tournament here at Spangdahlem. 14 men's teams from all around Europe showed up, while we only had 4 teams (including ours) for the women's. While it rained ALL weekend long we still had a blast. The men's field was flooded, so they took over the women's field. We ended up playing at the field by the Middle School on base, which was super small. I think our team rocked this tournament taking second place. We lost against our rivals, Ramstein, who took first place this tournament. Here are a few pictures. Enjoy.

I had to smile for the camera

Getting ready to hit the ball
Me and Heather

Me and Kristen. I went to HS with her in Pearland. We only knew of each other then, had the same friends, but weren't friends ourselves. 

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