Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Italy, Castles, Friends, and Tball

A few weeks back I went to Italy for a softball tournament. I had lots of fun camping out and playing some ball. The weather was beautiful and hot. We took a short trip up to Pisa to see the tower. I have to say, it was pretty cool looking but the surrounding area was a bit trashy. We also had some amazing Gelato and real italian pizza (yummy)!

Some of the girls right after we got to our camp site. 

My tent. By the end of the night the woods were filled with campers. 

The softball team in Pisa, Italy. 

Really, REALLY good Gelato

The girls and guys softball teams. 

So touristy, but hey, I had to hold it up too :D

A real italian pizza oven.

Our friends recently moved to Ramstein AB, Germany. They were stationed with us in Minot. Ramstein is about an hour drive from our base. We had them come over for the weekend to spend some time together. We took them to a castle ruins in Manderscheid which is not too far from our base. After that we headed back to our house, took paddle boats on the lake, and then grilled out. 

Devin, Kylee, Caleb, Wyatt, and Bryden. You don't know how many shots it took to get the kids to all look the same direction!

I think they were tired of pictures.

Our family.

Stacy and me

They were having some festivities at the lake when we went. This was a really cool game. You had to slide the beer mug across a soapy table to see how close to the other edge you could get it. 

Kylee has loved Tball this year. She does not even need the T to hit the ball. This season is over, but I know she will want to play again next year. 

Kylee and Cloee. They are such good friends. 

Kylee had a really good hit!!

I will try to upload some pictures of our short notice trip to Virginia before we leave on the 23rd. 

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