Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Zoo trip!

Wyatt's class took a trip to the Minot Zoo today. It was a beautiful warm day for a zoo trip. The sun was bright and the temps were in the low 60's (yes, this is warm). Even though our zoo is considerably smaller than the zoo in Houston we love how close we can get to the animals. Some of the animals were still in 'hiding' due to the lower temps. Wyatt LOVES the penguins, but they are African Penguins and prefer warmer temps. Wyatt noticed that the penguins were not out. He said someone stole them.

Wyatt and Caleb feeding the geese and ducks.

This sign always makes me laugh. Apparently the cats are known to pee on people...

We are able to be just a few feet away from the fence. I remember at the Houston Zoo you had to search for the cats. Their pens were SO large it was hard to find them.

This is a snow leopard. 

My FAVORITE part of our zoo. These bears are so fun to watch. They used to have a food dispenser filled with dog food that we could toss to the bears. Sometimes the bears would stick their paws outside of the bars to reach the fallen food. It was really cool to get that close to them. These two bears were playing around for a while. 

Mama giraffe and her baby. The baby is just 8 months old.

The otters are always fun to watch also.

It took a lot of bribing to get Wyatt to smile for me.

Feeding the ducks one last time before leaving.

After the zoo his class went to a nearby park to play. I decided to take some pictures.

These are the tracks that the little train rides around by the zoo. No trains were in use at the time 

Wyatt had a little accident on his bike later that day. He has some pretty nasty road rash on the side of his face. 

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  1. Those are great pictures at the park! I especially like the ones on the railroad tracks.

    I know what you mean about the pens being large here in Houston, and not always being able to see the animals. But I always feel sorry for the animals that are just penned up in small cages. It seems like a sad life to me. I like the new, more natural habitats at the Houston zoo. :-)